Istanbul Development Agency Support Mechanisms

Guided Project Grants

A guided project is a project of particular nature that provides direct grants without calling for any project proposal, and the subject and requirements of which are designated under the guidance and leadership of the Agency in line with the priorities set out in the regional plan. For areas of priority designated in the Istanbul Regional Plan or as a result of field studies, Istanbul Development Agency is entitled to provide any guided project with grants as long as their operating model, partnership structure, ownership status and project cost are all set. As a part of guided projects, the Agency promotes partnerships of universities, public authorities, the private industry and non-governmental organizations.


Technical Support

Technical support is provided by the Agency via Agency staff or via service procurement in order to increase technical capacities of local institutions and organizations. It does not include any type of financial support.


Call for Proposals

This is a call on potential applicants, the qualifications of whom are clearly set, to propose projects in line with previously-designated themes and requirements as a part of a certain support program run by the Agency.


Interest Support

It is a gratuitous support provided by the Agency for the profit oriented real and legal entities’ projects that their qualifications specified in Programme Application Guide. Agency covers the interest expenses of the loans gotten from the intermediary institutions.


Interest Free Credit Support

It is interest free credit support for appropriate projects provided by intermediary institutions.


2019 Feasibility Support Program

Istanbul Development Agency has announced the announcement for the 2019 Feasibility Support Program. The resource allocated by Istanbul Development Agency for the 2019 Feasibility Support Program and the deadline for application are as follows.

Program Name &

Reference Number

Program Budget


Maksimum Support per Project


Maximum Support Rate




Feasibility Support Program









Application Guide: İSTKA/2019/FZD