BAPKO-Engineering Faculty Pilot Project (2014 – 2016)

Utility Program

Support Program for Increasing the Capacity of Universities to 

Produce Projects for Programs Supported by ARDEB

Project Title

Increasing the potential of Marmara University, from ARDEB

Programs Project Support

Time of Project 24 months

Within the scope of the project, it was aimed to raise awareness by informing university faculty members who did not have any support from ARDEB supported programs, about the support programs, innovations and evaluation processes, to encourage them to write projects, and to reveal the potential to produce more and more qualified projects. In this context, Project Information Day and Writing Workshop was held 28 times. There were 330 participants from 16 academic units representing science, health and engineering disciplines and 323 participants from 12 academic units representing social and humanities. Within the scope of the project, “Success Story Day” activities were held 5 times with the hosting of four different campuses. Within the scope of these activities, the personal experiences of 18 successful scientists reached a total of 524 people at Marmara University. 294 of them are educated and trained in science, health, and engineering, and 230 of them are social and humanities.


During the project, 51 academicians applied to the project team for technical support on project writing and the team came together with each applicant to carry out project writing activities. In addition, three practical activities (two in the fields of social & humanities, one in the fields of science-health-engineering sciences) were organized in both social and humanities and science-health-engineering sciences and 151 people participated in these trainings.