TUBITAK 1601 (2018 – 2020)

Utility Program TUBITAK 1601 Support Program for Capacity Building in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Project Title Increasing and Implementing the Activity Capacity of Marmara University Innovation and Technology Transfer Application and Research Center
Time of Project 24 months

The project aimed to increase the capacity of MİTTO Central Directorate. Specific activities are planned in five modules in order to convert university research outcomes into economic value, to ensure university-industry cooperation, to benefit from R & D support mechanisms of our university, to develop knowledge-based academic entrepreneurship and to commercialize intellectual property rights. It is aimed to improve the interaction among the academic units of Marmara University, to develop the culture of cooperation of academicians, to trigger collaborative studies with industry, to increase patent awareness in the university, to commercialize and license research results and to create social added value among students and academics. Within the scope of the project, it has endeavored to develop its activities with solution partnerships with a focus on commercialization and socio-economic value-added.