Project Support Services

Activities within the scope of these services; 

• making announcements and giving information to increase interest and demand for benefiting from various national and international funds, raising awareness to benefit from support programs 

• evaluating the BAP project outputs and directing them to appropriate project fund programs 

• informing private sector organizations and researchers about the financing of R&D and innovation facilitating access to funds by individuals or institutions and directing them to relevant funds.


Project proposals and project fund supports are provided under the following headings;

Project proposals and Project Fund Support Interview Meetings

Meetings are held by our academicians, students and industry organizations through one-to-one meetings on project ideas and fund supports.


Administrative and Technical Support in Preparation of Project Proposals

Technical and administrative questions regarding application are answered and guidance is provided.


Project Proposal Writing Workshops

In order to increase the knowledge and experience of academicians in project proposal writing, practical project proposal writing workshops are organized in various faculties of the University for our academicians. General information about project proposals and project funds is shared on the first day in the workshops. A detailed project proposal writing work is carried out by the participants on the second day. Our trainers, who are experienced in writing project proposals and managing projects, provide participants with general information about research projects, conceptual approaches to project ideas. During the workshop firstly “how is the title of project assigned”, “how is the team determined” topics and then all other critical steps are explained in detail.