II. International Green Biotechnology Congress (IGBC) 09 - 11 September 2019

The combination of population increase, the decline in the availability of arable land, and the need for improvements in the quality of dietary intake in many developing countries means that agricultural production will have to be doubled, or even tripled, on a per acre basis to meet this need. Current agricultural technologies such as plant breeding and agrochemical research and development in combination with biotechnology will continue to play a major role in assuring a plentiful and safe food supply; environmentally sensitive and economic farm management practices will play an important role. The possibilities for improving the quality and quantity of current products and making new products utilizing plant biotechnology are also almost limitless. Green biotechnology tools offer mankind one of its most significant opportunities to manage the ever growing and ever changing demands for food, feed and fibre production, while also contributing to the sustainability of agriculture and aiding in industry and medicine.   The theme of the conference is around, “Green Biotechnology: from Laboratory to Market”. Featuring 3 days of scientific presentations, poster session and an Industrial Expo Day (IED) which will bring together stakeholders from biotechnology sector and academics from all over the world to discuss about how to increase technology transfer capacity and keep sustainable collaborations with partners on greenbiotechnology to generate the sort of progress that benefits the people. IED will be moderate by University – Industry Collaboration Centers Platform of Turkey (USIMP) that connects academic and industrial members who are active in research, development, production and commercialisation. Thus, following the succesful completion of the Green Biotechnology Workshop in 2015 and I.Green Biotechnology Congress in 2017, it is our great pleasure to announce you that II. International Green Biotechnology Congress will be held in Republic of Turkey, Presidency of State Archives, Ottoman Archives Congress Hall, Istanbul, Turkey, between September 9-11th, 2019.